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Tidewater Auto Electric of Chesapeake is a complete car care center. We do the specialty and expert electrical work that other shops don't do, BUT we also do brakes, state inspections, ball joints, airbag diagnoses, and most anything needed for your automobile. 

Mike is a HERO


HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) - Last week, 10 On Your Side introduced you to the Dawson family. They've been hit hard in the past year -- and the car they need in order to take their daughter to medical appointments was stolen.

The family said they had no answers, but on Tuesday their luck changed.

A generous viewer saw their story last week and made it his mission to help.

"We were going to not pay the mortgage and two of our other bills, so that we could get a car, and hope that if we got taxes back we could catch up on our mortgage then,” explained Angela Dawson

Miracles can come from anywhere, in Tuesday's case coming from Mike Collins, a managing partner of Tidewater Auto Electric in Chesapeake.

His son has the same heart murmur as the Dawsons' 13-year-old.

"When I saw your story, I thought I want to give back to the community and help somebody out, somebody that would really, really need it, so I hope it serves y’all well I really do, it’s a cool little car,” explained Collins to the Dawsons.

"A car? You're giving us a car? Angel Dawson exclaimed. They didn’t know this was coming.

Collins' team fixed the car up and planned on selling, but thought this would be a better cause.

“I'm so excited. Thank you lord. God is good all the time,” said Thomas Dawson.

It’s a green Mini Cooper, the Dawsons say it’s just in time.

"Her last medical appointment is Thursday, and then we will get a surgery date, so now we can take her,” Angela said. 

"I'm thrilled, look! Oh my gosh, thank you, Jesus."

Collins said this moment was priceless.

"It was absolutely worth it. Their reaction is absolutely worth it. To see the joy and the relief, you know, you can't put a price on it."

And just to make it official, he presented them with the title.

"On behalf of myself, the staff of Tidewater Auto Electric, and with the assistance of Bay Recovery [towing service] and in honor of my son Brandon, I present y'all with the title of your new vehicle,” Collins said. 

The Dawsons say there is no feeling like having your prayers answered

"Thank you, 10 On Your Side, thank you so much 10 On Your Side. And don't ever give up on God y’all, cause he always make a way, don't ever give up on God."


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James from Richmond had this to say: 

" For almost two years we've taken the 2007 F-150 all over Richmond trying to get someone to find a short in the wiring that would blow fuse after fuse. When the fuse blew you would lose brake lights and turn signals. Some places would keep the truck for a month of more without results, there was just no one in Richmond that specialized in auto electric. Finally gave in and took the truck to TAE last Saturday and dropped the key in the slot and what a surprise got a call Tuesday saying they had found and fixed the short and it was ready. Picked it up today, works great. Thanks Guys. "

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